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Announcing some changes on the blog during December and January

December is here and for me it’s definitely the perfect time to look back at the year behind and start focusing on the one ahead.
So to honour this time of introspection, I’ll be choosing some posts from 2013 that didn’t get much attention due to the transition from the old blog to this one.

I guess the biggest change during this month will be the substitution of the “Inspire me Monday” feature on Mondays ( but of course ) to another called “Photographers to love” that I’m planning to turn into a weekly or monthly feature depending on how things go.

( If you like the “Inspire me Monday” and are sad to see it go, don’t worry, it will be back in February 2014. )

For now – and as you probably already know – my weekend will be spend travelling to Portugal and stoping in Trás-os-Montes to pick up some fresh, organic products from the land and see ( and hug ) some relatives very dear to me. I wish you all a good one as well.



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