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About me

Visual and Performance artist. Video art, Live Cinema, Performance,
Contemporary Dance, Alt Modeling, Self Portrait Photography, Alt Photo Printing Processes.

A.Isa Araújo (n.1987 Lisboa, Portugal) is a visual and performance artist working with video art, live cinema, performance, dance and self portraiture.
Began her academic and professional training as an actress and co-creator of various projects within the performative arts with an emphasis on post-dramatic theater and performance art. Graduated in Theater at ESAD.CR., in Photography at Oficina do Imagem in Oporto, participated in numerous workshops and courses in the areas of photography, video, dance, theater and performance and currently attends Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Composition classes at Caldas da Rainha Vocational School of Dance. Collaborates with several multidisciplinary artistic collectives with emphasis on Mr.Lazy & Mme.Leisure and their work on video art, experimental sound and audiovisual performance.
After several years living and working in Barcelona, Spain – where her work was featured in various festivals and galleries – she starts developing concepts within the scope of live cinema, performing for videos that she herself conceptualizes, directs and latter manipulates and/or re-enacts live thus narrowing the relationship between body movement, interpretation, photography, film, video and performance. In 2016 returns to Portugal where she co-founds and produces the Audiovisual Performance platform [re + act (ion)]AV and the collective RIZOMA COLONY.