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Aisa Araujo Photography Yoga Photographer

I found Grow Soul Beautiful through the wildly popular #yogaAday challenge on Instagram and after seeing all the inspiring photos of yogis around the world rocking beautiful Asanas, I got really curious about what was behind it. What I found? First of all, I thought I would found something like MindBodyGreen.com, YogaJournal.com or MyYogaOnline.com – all websites that I love and follow on a daily basis because of their great articles covering from Asanas to green living and yoga lifestyle.

But this was different because the founder, Amanda Duran, is a “soul-searching yogini, blogger, and photographer”, so the website is dedicated not only to yoga, but also to photography, and the relationship between the two: “the mission of Grow Soul Beautiful is to encourage yogi to explore their connection between mind+body through photography & creative endeavors.”, so it’s more like a community where “you’ll find a mix of yogis, photographers, bloggers, and creatives, mingling and sharing their respective passions, and collaborating to create vibrant beauty in all of our lives.

Image Source: Grow Soul Beautiful. All rights reserved.

Although I don’t photograph solely yogis, I do encourage my clients, specially the Creative Storytelling Photography ones to bring their whole self, body&mind&soul&dreams&aspirations&craziness&uniqueness, to embrace creativity and imagination in all it’s forms and I really believe that photography is a perfect tool and mean to do this.

So it was with great pleasure that I received their email telling me that my work is now on the Grow Soul Beautiful Yoga Photographer Directory.

Image Source: Grow Soul Beautiful. All rights reserved.


Now I’m really curious to know if there are any readers out there that have participated on the Yoga Instagram Challenge, have you? Please feel free to share your thoughts about it. And remember, if you’re ever in Barcelona – or if you wish me to travel – just send me an email and I’m sure we can create inspiring photos together.

Also, I think it’s safe to say that this will not be the only time I’ll be talking about Grow Soul Beautiful on the blog, so stay tuned, and be sure to see the website for yourself 🙂



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