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What a difference a change of attitude makes.



If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou


I’m not the biggest “quotes person”. But I do like some quotes and I believe that they can act as a reminder of important ideas condensed into a single sentence.

The reason why I like this one so much ( besides from the obvious fact that is from Maya Angelou ) it’s because complaining about one’s circumstances without doing anything to change it could easily became a national sport in so many countries.

So today I would like to share with you guys a story about changing one’s situation and/or attitude.

When I moved to Barcelona back in January 2012 I didn’t know anyone from the photo industry here ( or from any other industry for that matter ) so meeting new people and establishing contacts was one of my top priorities. I looked online and signed up for a few websites for photography professionals. On of them was Litmind – Litmind is the professional network where models, photographers, stylists and agencies meet to work together.


Profile page Aisa Araújo Photography on Limind the professional network where models, photographers, stylists and agencies meet to work together.


When editing my profile, I decided to check the option for free TFP ( Time/Trade For Prints/Portfolio ). This was also the time when I was rebranding my business and was needing to try out some things first with non paying clients to see what I could include in my services.

So this option seemed perfect because I could put into practice all the ideas I had, get some work done while expanding my connections and participate in other people projects where we all work for the same goal, improving our skills, having fun and creating beautiful photos in the process.

Everything was going as planned for a while, I met some creative folks, even made a good friend – I’ve mentioned her a few times here on the blog – and did a few projects that I’m really proud of.

In the meantime I found a way to provide a service that incorporated the processes I used on my own self-portrait projects into the portrait sessions with the clients and this was how the Creative Storytelling Photography was born.

Creative Storytelling Photography. Creative photography by Aisa Araújo Photography in Barcelona, Spain, Porto and Lisbon Portugal. Fine art, alternative, dreamlike, fantasy, beauty, conceptual, dreamy.

Want to know more about what Creative Storytelling Photography is all about? Click on the image above to check it out.


The times gone by and I started getting daily proposals about free TFP work. Some were what one would consider a message with a normal subject but some were simply

“I’m a model, contact me for TFP”.

I mean… Not even an “Hello” ? Common !!

It got so frustrating and specially really time consuming because I always make a point of answering to all the emails and messages. So unless I’m not expecting any answer when I’m the one approaching someone, I make sure that they know exactly why I’m contacting them. Most photographers, models, make-up artists and stylist are very busy people, they are professionals and I should treat them like so and value their time.

I started getting really upset with it,

“why don’t they value my time?”

“why do I keep getting just messages of people who haven’t even look at my body of work?”

and when I was on the verge of deleting the profile and calling the entire thing of, I noticed that the TFP option was still enabled. I had completely forgotten about that.

So, after a year I decided to uncheck the option, and the minute I did it, the situation changed completely.

Now I only get messages from people who not only are really interested in working with me, who really appreciate my work and my vision, but they also value their time and their work. And the amount of spam like messages just decreased enormously. I still get a lot of inquiries from people who ask if I am willing to do free TFP which of course  I am, depending on the project, the time I have available and so, but the speech is completely different from what it was before.

This was approximately on January 2013 and one week after that I got this payed job out of it:

So, that’s it I guess. There I was complaining about my circumstances when I was the one who created them.

And what about you, do you ever find yourself complaining about something that can so easily be changed?


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