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Visual Artist Cláudio Sousa’s “Gratuit” intervention at Fira del Dibuix . Photography

Hello creative folks,

today I’m sharing a photo session I did last year with the incredible visual artist Cláudio Sousa of his intervention at Fira del Dibuix in Terrassa.

It goes something like this:

On October 6th 2013 Plaça Vella, the oldest square of Terrassa from which the town grew from during the Middle Ages, welcomed the anual Fira del dibuix ( Drawing Fair ). The sellers were starting to put together their stations, hanging the paintings, setting up the easels, tables and tents. There was a sense of opportunity mixed with paint in the air. They had just paid 80€ for the privilege of, for one entire day showing of, and hopefully sell, their most precious works.

And all of the sudden, this guy appears. This mystery man with weird drawings and a Gratuit ( For free ) sign.

“I mean, who’s this guy? We don’t know him, he’s not from the “circle”, who does he think he is? This so called artist, does he mean that we don’t need to pay this much to show our work? What is Gratuit? His work? His intervention? What does he mean? ”

( This last sentence is a compilation of anonymous opinions and confessions made possible by keen hearing and an ability to imaginatively read eyes and face expressions. )

Now, enough with the sarcasm.

The overall reaction from those who approached him was amazing. The usual “Your work is so good, next year you need to be on the fair” would turn into a healthy discussion about paying 80€ to participate on a fair organised by an entity who “works to promote art and culture in all its forms” and has the support of the town hall among other sponsors.

So here is the photo session we did before the intervention itself along with a selection of the drawings.

You can see more of Cláudio Sousa’s work on his website.




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