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Behind the Scenes

“Making of” videos, Behind the Scenes photos


Making of Videos


LE VOYAGE – The Making Of from Aisa Araújo on Vimeo.

Video and Editing: Cláudio Sousa
Music: o_iElectricista

“Le Voyage” is a photography project presented as film stills.
Aisa Araújo Photography in collaboration with Raimundo Cosme and Sónia da Silva, with the creative contribution of Cláudio Sousa and the assistance of Ricardo Sousa. Special thanks to Andreia Grondin.


A Ritual in 3 Acts | The Making of | Aisa Araújo Photography | Conceptual Portraiture from Aisa Araújo on Vimeo.

A Ritual in 3 Acts

Act 1: The Preparing
Act 2: The Performance
Act 3: The Cleansing

Aisa Araújo Photography in collaboration with Teresa Gavina and Cláudio Sousa.
Music: o_iElectricista
Special thanks to: Ricardo Sousa


Lost Souls | Aisa Araújo Photography from Aisa Araújo on Vimeo.

Making of “Lost Souls” Conceptual Photography Session at Hotel Colonia Puig in Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain. May 2012
“Making of” de la sesión fotográfica conceptual “Lost Souls” en el Hotel Colonia Puig, Montserrat, Barcelona, España. Mayo 2012

Aisa Araújo Photography
Models. Raquel De Haro | Ruth Sanz
Make-up/Hair Stylist. Itza Alonso
Video. Cláudio Sousa
Soundtrack. o_iElectricista

All the dresses, accessories and props are creations and/or property of Raquel De Haro
Todos los vestidos, accesorios y objetos son creaciones y / o la propiedad de Raquel De Haro


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