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Videos & Short Films

 Short films, Art Videos, Promo Videos, Live Shows

Short Films


A APOSTA – a short fim by Mr. lazy & Mme. Leisure

Original idea by – Ricardo Sousa
with RICARDO SOUSA as ” o Tom sou eu”
and CLÁUDIO SOUSA as ” Huck vira finos”
special gest star – FRIDA das CALDAS
Director of photography – AISA ARAÚJO PHOTOGRAPHY
Sound and editing – o_iElectricista


Promo Videos

Promo Concert – Bitrigode Trio

Bass – Iogurte de Aromas
Synthesizers – o_iElectricista
Trumpet – Vernaculisamentalisador
Special guest:
Video (live act, mapping) – Pixel Bitch

Promo Video & Editing. Aisa Araújo Photography


Concert – A Casa Amarela e o_iElectricista

YouTube Preview Image


An experimental concert, chaotic, harmonious, free and in the stairwell.

Bernardo Rodrigues – Vocals and Keys
Marita Lumi – Voice and Arrangements
Mr. Lazy / o_iElectricista – Synthesizers
Paulo Ramos – Guitar and Voice
Pedro Cunha – Guitar and Voice
Image: Leisure Mme.

Mr. Lazy & Mme. Leisure and A Casa Amarela


To Carver with love

YouTube Preview Image


My 20″ For Carver

Filmed in Barcelona on a rooftop using Ipad iSupr8 app.
Rider: Aisa Araújo
Camera: Mr. Lazy


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