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Traveling from Porto to Barcelona. Project “Els viatges al meu país” Installation and Photography.

“Today I’d like to share the project that officially marked my moving to Barcelona. Well, our moving, MrLazy, me and our crazy/perfect dog Frida.

We packed our bags, filled our van with all the junk we have, tried to fit the dog somewhere and hit the road. Our wonderful Bedford from the great year of 1976 it’s just perfect for these trips – yes, it won’t go faster than 80 km/h, but that’s the beauty of it – we have a nice, big bed and room for everything, even the dog’s bed !!

We decided to make the trip ( that normally would take 12 to 14h from Porto in Portugal to Barcelona in Spain ) in 3 days. So, now you’re probably thinking “didn’t you say you would talk about a project, or something?”, yes, I did, but the trip was the project, sort of speak.

By the way, if you’re new around here, Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure is a creative duo I co-created back in Porto. I occasionally mention our work here on the blog, but you can check out all the projects and everything about what we do right on Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure blog.

And now I leave you with some images from the above mentioned project, entitled “Els viatges al meu país“:

If you wish to see the entire project, you just have to click here or here.


This entry was originally posted in February 2012 . It was inserted on the “From the Arquives” feature and updated with new photos on December 2013.

When I started the blog here at aisaaraujo.com I decided not to transfer any posts from the previous blog into the new, fresh, clean one. “From the Archives” is a way to remember the past by updating some of those posts and posting them here. I hope you enjoy these little trips down memory lane.


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