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Photographers to Love . Viviane Sassen

“Photography is the most magical and beautiful medium I know.” Vivian Sassen

Interview with Viviane Sassen at I Love That Photo

“Name: Viviane Sassen
Hometown: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Style of photography: Magic realism. A mixture of documentary shots and staged photography.
Type of camera(s): Mamiya 7 -ll
Website: www.vivianesassen.com

What gives you inspiration?

My dreams at night. Traveling.

What are your influences?

The Modernists, the Surrealists, Magic Realism.

Why did you choose these photos?

Because they are close to me, they are like friends.

What does photography mean to you?

The most magical and beautiful medium I know. I love being a photographer. It’s also the best excuse to go places and to meet people.”

Via: I Love That Photo


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