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Photographers to Love . Peter Kemp

“Coming from the Netherlands I loved to draw in my young life. With photography I got myself more tools to fit in all details into my photo stories, which are running through my head all day.

I love to do story telling pictures in a vintage atmosphere. Trying to create some mystery and glamour into pics. Firstly by trying to create moody light. Secondly by working together with my beautiful models and team to join me into my photo projects. My scenes focus a lot on details, with just a quick look. But a deep and longer look might open the door to another journey. I guess I like to create little stories within my stories. Well …anyway all details are thought of long before the camera clicks. ” Peter Kemp in is own words.


The work of Peter Kemp always puts a smile on my face. The vintage look of his images transports us to a common place of identification and even when the story he’s telling is based on a serious topic, he often finds a way to treat it in a humorous way.


Via: Peter Kemp


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