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Photographers to Love . Mona Kuhn


“Mona Kuhn is best known for her large-scale, dream-like photographs of nudes. She has described her work as redefining ways of looking at the body, her nudes often reference classical themes with a light and insightful touch.  Kuhn’s approach to her photography is unusual in that she usually develops close relationships with her subjects, resulting in images of remarkable naturalness and intimacy, and creating the effect of people naked but comfortable in their own skin.”


Oh Mona Kuhn, Mona Kuhn… how do i love thee!! Very dramatic… I know, and not quite in tune with her work, which is so simple in the best possible way. But if there was any list of photographers to love, Mona Kuhn would definitely be on the top ten for me. I met the work of the Brazilian photographer at a photography class about creative ways of using blur. I was immediately attracted to her vision, the way she uses the blur and the nudity in such a natural, peaceful way, with an incredible singleness.

But I will shut up now, to let you see her photos for yourself and enjoy them in quietude, as they should be seen.


Via: Mona Kuhn


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