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Photographers to Love . Kimiko Yoshida

The Sakura Bride, 2006


“These faces that devour the space beyond the image where they disappear suit me fine. They don’t look like anything and I find them all the more touching. I do recognise, however, in their concentrated, dynamic and universal presence, all the faces of the women I know. In the overturned bubble of Time recaptured, Kimiko Yoshida incorporates all kinds of forgotten rituals and timeless mythologies. The Self-portraits by the Young Japanese woman have already passed through the work of Titian, El Greco, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Fragonard, Manet, Picasso, Bacon, Warhol… They take upon themselves the entire history of the portrait and absorb it. They contain all the Venuses and the Queens of Sheba, the Judiths and the Salomes, the Mary Magdalenes and the Marilyns, the bathing Susannas and the Irises, messengers of the gods, the women warriors and saints, the courtesans and the sultanas… Nudes standing or descending a staircase, effigies seen head-on or in profile, goddesses, bathers, queens, infantas, passers-by, bathers, flowers of evil, young girls in bloom…”


I found the work of Kimiko Yoshida “THE BRIDES OF THE WORLD” while doing some research for the Mr.Lazy & Mme.Leisure project “Vestígios de Noiva” and was absolutely amazed. The photographer transforms herself into the brides of the world in an ongoing series of self-portraits taken over the last seven years.

The Pokemon Bride, 2002The Cyber Bride, 2003The Mao Bride, 2006

The Green Tea Bride, 2006

Via: Kimiko Yoshida


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