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On Creativity. Turning a road trip into an artistic experience.

Aisa Araújo Photography. Creative Photography.

Today’s On Creativity is really different from the other weeks. Instead of posting a video about Creativity I decided to share with you a creative way to turn a road trip into an artistic experience.

Being constantly involved in creative endeavours and participating in artistic projects even when I’m on vocation it’s something really important to me.

Photography allows me do to this with considerable freedom, since I don’t depend on anyone and all I need is my cameras, a battery and some rolls of film and I’m happy as a bird with a french fry!

But last year I decided to change things a bit by turning the road trip through Provence & Côte D’Azur into a short film.

You can watch it here, on Mr.Lazy&MmeLeisure youtube channelMr.Lazy&MmeLeisure blogAisa Araújo Photography facebook page or Mr.Lazy&MmeLeisure facebook page.


A APOSTA – a short fim by Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure | Director of photography – Aisa Araújo Photography


A bet between two childhood friends makes the theme of this short movie.

The landscape of Provence & Côte D’Azur completes the idyllic scenario of this adventure.
Who won? Tom? Huck? The dog? Or the memory of an unforgettable road trip?
“a Aposta” is the reminder that sometimes we need to make things because, it´s fun…
A APOSTA – a short fim by Mr. lazy & Mme. Leisure
Original idea by – Ricardo Sousa
with RICARDO SOUSA as ” o Tom sou eu”
and CLÁUDIO SOUSA as ” Huck vira finos”
special gest star – FRIDA das CALDAS
Director of photography – AISA ARAÚJO PHOTOGRAPHY
Sound and editing – o_iElectricista


I bet there’s a hundred ways you can turn your road trip into an artistic experience and it’s just a matter of doing a little planing before you hit the road.

For example, you can sign up for a workshop before you leave, contact a local artist and propose a collaboration, set your urban artist free and intervene on the streets of the cities you are passing by.

Have you ever done any of these or other things? How was it?


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