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“Mais vale um minuto na net, que três a voar.” Bitrigode – The Estúdio


Hello Creative Folks, 

Today I’m sharing with you guys a project by Bitrigode – The Studio.

If you’ve never heard about us or can’t remember who or what Bitrigode is just head over here where you can discover more about us and what we do.  


The project, entitled “Mais vale um minuto na net, que três a voar.” ( that can be freely translated to something like “Better a minute on the internet, that three flying.” ) has been online and was updated daily since February the first 2013. 

The media and information systems are our major files and directories, they tell us what happened, what will happen, how we act and how we should act.

“We are constantly manipulated by the media, sometimes by their speech (propaganda) or for his silence.” (Chomsky, 2003).

“Public opinion is not what people think, but what is thought what people think.” (Innerarity 2010). 

Based on this idea, this project aims to explore not only the idea that we can now, thanks to the internet, be in several places simultaneously as well as make artistic objects acting on various spaces. 

In this projectit’s portrayed not only the issue of what is the public space as well as otherrelated to identityreal and virtual, everyday lifeculture and artistic practices. 

We rely on this workwhich will run throughout the month of February 2013, with all our creative castmulti-site and multi-vocalfrom Porto to Caldas da Rainha to Barcelona (Terrassa).

Following is the technical and conceptual brief statement:

Technical: Shooting a fixed plan with a duration of one minute, without cuts or editingdirect sound.

ConceptualWhat is public space and everyday lifeThere is a public space without the cityWhat procedures, provisional or definitiveform up routines? 


To see the entire project you have a multitude of options, you can go to Bitrigode – The Studio Facebook page, Vimeo, or Blog. You can also stay for a little longer and watch the complete version below.

See you soon.





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