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Inspire me Monday . Wes Anderson: A Mini Documentary

A mini doc that explores different facets of Wes Anderson Film and Commercial work.


Hello creative folks .

Cult filmmaker Wes Anderson is one of my favourite contemporary american directors.

How he mixes humor and tenderness with such artistry, his love for his characters that makes us feel deeply connected with them, the importance of a good narrative and of course, the look, feel and style of each film influence me constantly. The first idea for the project “Le Voyage” was actually born after seeingMoonrise Kingdom’s movie stills while procrastinating at Pinterest.

Specifically this movie still:


The project “Le Voyage”:


But let’s cut to the chase:

This mini documentary is, of course, about Wes Anderson work. Besides his creative relation with Owen Wilson with whom he has work in every single movie, Moonrise Kingdom being the only exception ( by the way, did you know they had met back in college? I had no idea, but I’m glad they did! ) it mentions  how every single element adds something to the story or reflects the characters internal stories, whether the wardrobe, the soundtrack or one of his signature tools, the overhead shot.

On this last subject, here’s a cool supercut entitled “From above” made entirely with the director’s overhead shots that I hope you’ll like:


Special thanks to my dear friend Vernaculisamentalisador for sharing this video with me earlier today.



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