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Inspire Me Monday. Things and Ink a Tattoo magazine that embraces female tattoo culture.


Front image of the blog feature Inspire Me Monday

Hello creative folks,

how was your weekend? Mine included a photo and video coverage of La Fira del Dibuix de Terrassa and a lunch with a friend that started at 3 pm and lasted until 1am ( don’t you just love when that happens? )

This week I would like to share with you guys my latest discovery in tattoo culture, the Things and Ink magazine.

The cover alone instantly feels unique, and so does the description of what the magazine is all about:

Things & Ink is a new style of tattoo magazine that embraces female tattoo culture, for artists, collectors and those yet to go under the needle.

Each issue is filled with beautiful images, real-life stories, tattoos, opinion pieces, fashion, inspiration, art, artists, history, beauty and much more.

Things & Ink celebrates tattoo culture with a feminine twist.

I’m still waiting to get my hands and eyes in one of these beauties ( or all of them ) but it really looks like a breath of fresh hair on the male-dominated tattoo industry.

You can buy all the issues online, separate or in a bundle and here is the list of the stockist in the UK, Germany and Portugal.

Have any of you read or seen any of the Things and Ink issues? If so, I would love to read your opinion on the comments below. Also, I’m always on the look out for inspiring magazines, so I would definitely welcome your tips on were to find more publications of this kind.

I wish you all a great and inspiring week.

Via: Things and Ink



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