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Inspire me Monday . Lula Magazine and the last issue by founder Leith Clark.

Hello Creative Folks,

I’m a big fan of magazines, from different genres and for various reasons, to see, to read, to carry with me, to decorate, to collect, “to have and to hold, to love, cherish”.

Today I would like to share with you one of my favourite fashion and beauty magazines out there, Lula Mag.

Let me tell you why I like it so much.

I love fashion and beauty ( in ALL it’s forms ) but I started to get really frustrated with most magazines and the way they often portray women and beauty. What I really care about in fashion editorials is their ability to set my mind dreaming, so I do understand that they don’t have to be realistic, but still, I don’t want to open a magazine and see the same type of style and beauty – realistic or not, fabricated or nor – over and over again. So I started to look for publications that could offer and alternative and that’s when I found Lula.

It is a dreamy, romantic, nostalgic publication dedicated to whimsical photography, fashion, beauty, illustration and all things lovely and cool. With great interviews and stories, cute overall design and fonts, and the thickness of a book, it provides an experience were time seems to stand still while you flip through the pages, dream a little and feel inspired by.

For all these reasons it was the perfect reading for a Sunday morning or on a quite rainy evening.

And I say “was” because, like everything in life, nothing stays the same for long and the quality of this once loved and idolised magazine it’s no exception.

I once read an interview were the stylist and founder, Leith Clark said:

“I created a magazine for me. I was definitely searching for a place where femininity and feminism could connect, and I was desperate to return to a place where dressing up wasn’t about objectification or status, but rather more about creativity and beauty and even, and sometimes knowingly perhaps, power.”

Gotta love a publication that was born with a purpose and a vision, and I guess this is the reason – being farther away from it – why Leith Clark is leaving and the issue #17 is her last.

The magazine has change over the years, some say it has now became a part of an institution, and the founder herself says: “Lula has been changing, as I have been changing, and I don’t want her to change too much! I want her to stay as she is. And me, I want to say goodbye now when it’s all going so amazingly well. When it’s joyful.

The fact is these last issues have been loosing some of the magic and although #17 interview with actress Jemima Kirke – best known for her role as Jessa Johansson on the television series Girls – was anything but boring and, in my opinion, definitely worth reading, I’m sad to say that even if the magazine continues without her I don’t think I will be buying it again.

The good news is Leith Clark will not be leaving the editorial industry for long and will be launching “Violet” on spring 2014. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us and in the meantime we can always buy the previous issues online.

So I guess this Inspire me Monday is not only about Lula Magazine but also about Leith Clark’s decision of leaving at the right time, what do you think?

Via: Lula Mag, Fashionista.comThe Women Takeover.com and Models.com




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