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Inspire Me Monday . Karlie Kloss’s Video Diary from China

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Hello Creative Folks 🙂

Barcelona seems to be trying to compensate for the usual lack of rain and the sky has been pouring down like a crazy fountain for the last couple of days.

Besides the usual influence rain has on my mood ( the only times I like rain are A. in Paris; B. while running; C. the sound it makes outside when you are comfortably warm and dry inside ) the biggest problem has been the city’s deficiency to deal with heavy rains ( since it’s so rare ) that has been causing some minor inconveniences such as small floods and power failures ( I’m embracing the candlelight ambiance and the buckets that now decorate my home )

To counterbalance this semi-depressing, introspective affection the weather is giving, I’m sharing a upbeat video from Mario Testino editorial shoot for US VogueGo East“.

The video is full of energy and good vibes that make one want to travel, shoot in exotic locations and basically have fun while surrounded by creative and interesting people !


“When Karlie Kloss made her very first trip to China this year with photographer Mario Testino and Vogue’s Fashion Director, Tonne Goodman, for this month’s story “Go East!,” she recorded every day of the shoot (from Beijing to the Great Wall) for a video diary.”


I hope you get inspired by the breathtaking beauty of China, Karlie Kloss’s cuteness, the architecture of The China Central Academy of Fine Arts and the clever use of old and new, eclectic styles and bold colours of the photos.



Via: Vogue Diaries


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