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Inspire Me Monday . About not dressing your age and being awesome!!

Hello Creative Folks,

Our cat, born during the hot Barcelonian summer, is really freaking out with the cold ( poor thing ) so all he wants to do theses days ( besides waking us up at 6 am ) is to climb into our laps and although I really appreciate the extra layer on my legs and belly, he doesn’t seam to like the typing that much. All this to say that today’s entry is being written on a really slow pace not to disturb the sleepy furry thing.

On a different note.

I never really got what “dress your age” meant. And I don’t mean it in an ironic or sarcastic way, honestly, I really never understood what it stands for. Are we suppose to only like some specific things until a certain appropriate age? Or worst, are we suppose not to dress something even if we still like it? Isn’t style suppose to be a reflection of ourselves and yet another way of self expression?

I really don’t get it.

But despite my personal believe that it’s just another nonsensical rule like pink being only for girls, I also never discarded the possibility that maybe it was something that I could only understand with time and age.

And then the documentary about 6 women with an average age of 80 and a “devil may care” attitude towards the standard of style and age premiered in Channel 4.

I’m not a big fan of the tittle “Fabulous Fashionistas”, mainly because being stylish and a fashionista are two very different things and, in my opinion, some of these women are everything but fashionistas.

Also because, and don’t get me wrong here, they do have an incredible style and I personally admire and often get inspired by that, but I don’t care about the idea that one is more “fabulous” per se just for being more into style.

What I do care about, again, as always, is their attitude towards life, people who break with the stereotype and live as they will. That I do care about, a lot, and if they do it with some creativity then even better. Oh, and no botox or plastic surgery!

Here is the full documentary that I hope inspires your week and don’t forget, style is an attitude!



Images via: Channel4 and  Models1Blog.com 



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