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“Límit & Frontière” short film at Andròmina n.3 / Cicle d’experiències diferents.


Exposicion no Hay 



Aisa Araújo and Cláudio Sousa November 2015 . SushiMeHome . Barcelona, Spain


Photography: Large scale prints of self portrait project “Fighting a Body”

Prints: Alternative processes in Gum Bichromate of self portrait project “Je est une autre” and of conceptual project Barcelona Sans Mass







Arte en Casa 

Aisa Araújo Collective Exhibition 20 April > 30 September 2014 Barcelona, Spain



Presenting “Límit & Frontière” a 20 min. sequence of hands on a journey between Barcelona and Biarritz. Contemplative and crudely, the images captured with the camera in hands are the main character.

De Barcelona a Biarritz. De España a Francia. Del límite a la frontera. Del ruido al silencio. Del punto A al punto B sin una línea recta. Del incoloro al verde, azul, blanco, negro y de vuelta a la color. De los objetos en reversa a la copia de la copia. Llegar al límite, chocar con la frontera, atrapado en las costumbres, embrollada en los idiomas. Objetos que se repiten y que son sólo declaraciones, las confirmaciones de lo que ya no puedo más. Me quedo lleno, llena. Lleno llego al límite, me transbordo. Respiro. Viajo con mis manos. 

Cámara en la mano, volante en la mano, la cámara se mueve con el cuerpo, se mueve con la carretera. La cámara se mueve y yo me detengo. Hago el registro para que no lo olvide. O para no tener que recordar. Carretera. Paso a paso. Más carretera que pasa. Me detengo. Es tu turno. Yo paso. 

Carretera. Las engranajes se sobrecalientan y me detengo. Respiro. Un café y un cigarrillo y eso pasa. Una copa de vino y un cigarrillo y eso apaga. Una botella de vino y un cigarrillo y ya no paso más. Y me detengo. Superposiciones de imágenes confusas, desenfocadas, repentinas, y la voluntad de hacer que no me deja. Y el sonido del motor que marca el ritmo. Estoy mareado, con vértigo. Me detengo. 

Me detengo de una vez por todas, o continuo? Empiezo donde ya no puedo empezar más.”

 Límit & Frontière, 2014.  Short film by Mr. Lazy & Mme. Leisure with Ricardo Sousa . Film Maker & Cinematography: Aisa Araújo Photography . Edition/Sound: o_iElectricista . Music: Bitrigode Trio




Mr. Lazy & Mme. Leisure . August 2013 . Vallparadis . Terrassa, Spain

Street intervention . Art Installation.

Presenting a series of various installations that coexisted with the nature and sculptures of the park.

ART al PARK . Cycle of artistic interventions at Terrassa city.








“Porto Visto…”

Aisa Araújo. March 2011. At Pionés Romancine Gallery . Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Digital street photography

“Now it seems to be fashionable to speak of humane people. Personally, I don’t understand. None the less, I dedicated myself to imagine who I equate being a humane person. It wasn’t a very long journey. Isa Araújo is, undoubtedly, a person who collects all human qualities that excuse the alliteration.

In a process of deconstruction and constant mutation, her curious and insecure view, reverent and compassionate, allows her to, throughout her work, use and abuse of her lens as if making time stop. Her journey through the city of Porto illustrates the multi-perspective way she faces everything she does. Plastic and in great symbiosis with what surrounds her, Isa perpetuates moments of the human quotidian that, of being so simple and delicate, reveals itself unmissable.”

Sara Coutinho




A Arte da Guerra 

Colectivo Super Gorrila September 2010. Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal.

Sculpture, Posters, Street Intervention, Performace, Video, Audio.

“Once triggered the carnage never stopped, Poor Thing!!!

Academics and volunteers are confident in their experiences. However, the final always ends with a question: how much does it cost to protect a culture? Enemies are changing as well as the allies. (…) One day, not too distant, if it is established in Art a new paradigmatic system, then we must eradicate this cultural imperialist society, to establish other where life counts more than death. But this campaign is not yet won, because words do not win wars, yet. ”






Coronel (de) Zé Ninguém 

Mr.Lazy & Mme. Leisure . 2010 Alma em Formol, Porto, Portugal.

Installation and Sculpture

“He was the memories he had of himself. But the memories, he discovered, were a fugitive mutant. He could not even shelve them as he liked to or access them when he wanted. They were a overlapping living collection, of confusion and imposed influences to each other. New arrived which changed the old, changed the dates, names and dare to replace faces forcing him to not remember things. He fought this war for months on end, endless years until forgot to lose.”

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