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“Everything is autobiographic” Self-Portrait Photography Feature OLD Nº 22


A few months ago I had the pleasure to be interviewed for Old magazine.

The editor was interested in my self portraits, specially the Je est un autre, so – besides from one photo from A Ritual in 3 Acts and another from Lost Souls – the entire feature is about this project that is so special to me.

I was sincerely honored to collaborate with a magazine that promotes and connects artists, as the editor says: “The idea is to create contacts, gather talented people and publish great photography!”. Also I found the questions to be really relevant, making me think further about a very special project given it was my first experience in self-portrait photography. So, all in all, it was undoubtedly a great pleasure.

Another singular aspect was the language of the interview.  I love writing in English, it gives me the possibility to practice and improve the language while allowing me to connect with a broader audience and make friends all around the globe, but it felt really good to write in my native language, the beautiful, musical and poetic Portuguese ( the magazine is from Brazil, so we had to adapt some words to Brazilian Portuguese. ) If you don’t speak Portuguese you’re probably thinking “that’s cool for you, that you got to write in your native language, but and what about me??” Not to worry my friends, I wouldn’t leave you hanging would I?

Despite being about self-portrait photography I do talk about a lot of things that can apply to every creative endeavor and artistic project so I decided to translate the part where I talk about one of the things I love the most when photographing people, being a witness of the transformation that occurs in front of the camera.

“Regarding the present body. Even when I was doing theater – despite having a great respect for the Word – the body, the movement, the symbolic force, the emotional gesture, were always what challenged me the most and perhaps because of that I need him, the body, to be present at all times. I love working with models because you can observe, in real time, the transformation of the subject when placed in front of the lens. In self-portrait you lose this particular time, you do not see the magic of the body changing happening immediately, you can only see the end result of the still image, but you gain the power to stop being a spectator of this transformation and be yourself the transformation, you are transferred from directing behind the camera to direct in front of it, observer and observee in a single person. There is also the issue of communication, and even though it is a challenge to convey the desired intention to a model. in self-portrait the challenge is still present, between the image inside the head and what the body can produce, between trying to create a specific outcome and accept the error, explore the chance. Self-portrait photography provokes me on several levels and that’s why I end up always returning to it.”



If you do speak Portuguese you can read the entire interview and even if you don’t, the simple design of the magazine is worth it ( I wasn’t going to tell you not to see it, right ? ) and don’t forget to check out the entire magazine and the featured portfolios and interviews of Carolina Arantes and her Archi-Ecologistes, Caio Braga’s Analog Moments and the Nudes of the Award winner Jonas Tucci. What an honor to share the pages with such incredible colleagues.

If you like what you see ( and I’m sure you will, I mean… good photography!? Yes please :p ) be sure to like the magazine’s Facebook Page



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