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Cinematography – Gregory Crewdson and cinematic imagery

Cinematography. Feature on Aisa Araújo Photography about cinema, photography and Cinematography.

The above image is a Movie Still from A APOSTA | A short fim by Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure | Director of photography – Aisa Araújo Photography


When it comes to acknowledging the art form that inspires me the most I have to identify Cinema as The One.

I love literature, music, photography and so, but there is no art form that touches me like cinema, that speaks to me in such a profound way and compels me to create. It was one of the reasons I became an actress as well as when I started getting interested in photography.

So when a few years ago I found a photographer that challenged me as a viewer to ponder about the possibilities of photography and approximate the already close relationship between the both, I knew I was seeing the work of a great master.

I’m referring to the work of Gregory Crewdson who he uses the aesthetics of cinema to portray disturbing and dramatic staged events taking place in small town America.

Although he is not the only photographer who explores cinematic aspects within his work, he is recognised worldwide as “one of America’s greatest living photographers” Flush magazine (UK), and certainly the one with the biggest influence on me when it comes to cinematic imagery – a subject that I recently explored with the project “Le Voyage” – a film still by Aisa Araújo Photography. Starring Raimundo Cosme and Sónia da Silva.

(c) Gregory Crewdson

Although Gregory Crewdson is not a cinematographer in the literary sense of motion picture photography, I think he is definitely a unavoidable source for all the cinematography lovers.

Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters Official Trailer (2012) – Documentary by Ben Shapiro
And and interview with Gregory Crewdson at www.aperture.org

And what about you, what is the art form that inspires you the most?

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