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Photographers to Love . Kimiko Yoshida

The Sakura Bride, 2006   “These faces that devour the space beyond the image where they disappear suit me fine. They don’t look like anything and I find them all the more touching. I do recognise, however, in their concentrated, dynamic and universal presence, all the faces of the women I know. In the overturned […]

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Aisa Araújo Photography Featured Portfolio + Interview at Issue 14 Klassik Magazine

“Today I have some exciting news. Around July, I got an email from Klassik Magazine Europe India UAE. The Editor had found my work online and was interested in featuring it along with an interview. Not only it was the first time an international magazine showed interest in interviewing me about my work, but also after surfing through the previous issues, […]

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Photographers to Love . Mona Kuhn

  “Mona Kuhn is best known for her large-scale, dream-like photographs of nudes. She has described her work as redefining ways of looking at the body, her nudes often reference classical themes with a light and insightful touch.  Kuhn’s approach to her photography is unusual in that she usually develops close relationships with her subjects, […]

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