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Analogique . Road Trip Cote Basque: Part 1 – On the road

Hello creative folks,

I just got some rolls of film from the week I spend at the French Cote Basque. Since there are a few rolls from 3 different cameras, I decided to turned it into a series. All the photos here were made with the Canon AE-1 Program, and the Kodak T-MAX 400 film.

Between the drama with the cat, Rock ( that I will tell you next ) and the van heating up to a point where we had to stop, it really looked like we weren’t up to a great start. But nothing that these two handy man couldn’t fix, and after half an hour under the burning spanish sun, and a quick visit from a very nice police woman asking if we needed any help, we were on the road again. 

The above image is the interior of our lady. Yes, she’s a lady, she always comes through for us despite her age and we know that we can trust her.

And another stop, to walk Rock. I had been teaching him to walk on a leach the two weeks prior to this trip. I wasn’t sure if it would work because every time I tried it on our terrace he would just meow in panic and run under Frida, our dog. But not here. Here he was amazing. Of course it’s not the same thing as walking a dog, you can’t tell him were to go and he basically just wants to do his own thing – well… he’s a cat – but still, he was great. A true pirate. 

There’s a good reason why there’s so many photos of the newest member of our family. It was his first trip ever – besides from the trial runs around town – and he has only been with us for a month. So the first day was all about him. He is actually one of the reasons why there’s not many photos of this first day.  ( Yeah, yeah, blame it on the cat. Right? ) But seriously, he was great during the entire week, but the first day was definitely not his best. From trying to make holes on the transportation bag he was on, to scratching the bejesus out of our harms and hands after we let him out, running around like an headless chicken, to trying to jump out the windows while meowing like a goat, he was really trying to tells us he wasn’t happy. Poor baby. But don’t you worry, he didn’t got traumatised with that episode, and after a few hours he just made peace with his faith and decided that maybe it would be better to just stop fighting and enjoy the ride, which he did, in great style, for the rest of the week.

That’s all for now.

By the way, have you ever did a road trip with a cat? How was it?


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