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Analogique . Les Festes de Gràcia in Barcelona or the perks of a big city.

Today’s photos are from an afternoon when two different factors from living in a big city like Barcelona came together to give us one of those simple yet memorable days.

The first factor is that one never knows for sure what one will find when strolling down the streets.

Maybe there’s a Lady Gaga convention that fills a Plaça with Gaga’s impersonators, or it’s a Catalonian holiday that you’ve never heard of and the store you were hoping to find open is closed for the day, or any other little surprise that can sometimes frustrate and test you as it ruins your plans for the day and delays the completion of your tasks.

Other times, and this is often dependable on one’s mood, they remind us just how important it is to be challenged, to adapt and be flexible.

But more often than not you can count on finding That welcoming cafe that you’ve never noticed before, That detail that draws your attention, or That intriguing character sitting next to you that you just can’t take your eyes off.

The other is that once you move to a mandatory point of passage in Europe your house can sometimes feel like you’re on the set of L’Auberge Espagnole and you really get to enjoy the perks of offering an hostel to all your friends that wish to visit the catalonian capital.

You get to assume the role of the honorary tourist guide and share with them what makes the city special and unique to you while you relish the opportunity to rediscover it once again with dear friends.


When a good friend came to visit us this summer one of the first places I wanted to show him was Gràcia. To me it’s the perfect place to enjoy the barcelonian lifestyle while avoiding the hordes of tourists that seam to occupy the centre of the city during the summer and one of my favourite places to indulge in some flânerie,

For our surprise it coincided with a week of Les Festes de Gràcia and our day quickly turned into an afternoon dedicated to drinking bear, eating grilled sardines with bread soaked in olive oil and herbs, talking, reminiscing , laughing and basically having a good time appreciating the familiarity and nearness that can be found on small towns and neighbourhoods.

These are just two of the reasons why I love big cities so much, the list goes on and on ( side by side with one with some disadvantages, just to keep things in perspective ).

What about you, what do you love the most about a big city?



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