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Analogique – First roll of film with the Russian Tank

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_16

My dear Canon AE-1 Program has been broken and on the repair shop for a few months now since the shutter release button decided to work only when he felt like it. I still have a few Lomos to calm my analogue fever, but as much as I love the sense of freedom when making photos with them, I miss the control and challenges that a manual SLR gives.

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_28

One of the first things I noticed and kinda bothered me when I moved to Catalunya was the general lack of interest regarding analog photography – please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, this is just my personal experience and I would love to discover that this is not true. Of course Barcelona is a big exception, there’s a substantial offer when it comes to second hand, vintage, retro and collectible preciousness with lots of flea markets, second hand fairs, dedicated stores and a strong analogue community, but on the rest of Catalunya the picture is completely different making it extremely hard to find a place to buy good film or developing without it being send back and forth to Barcelona’s studios.

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_4

The streets of Terrassa

As with almost everything else in life, this turned out to be advantageous. If you are lucky enough to find a place with analog cameras – usually in the last row of shelves of a pawnshop – they are usually a bargain and under the market value. And this is how, one lovely afternoon in Terrassa, Catalunya, I found the Zenit 12 XP known as the Russian Tank – Weight: 0.95 Kg! – armed with a 58mm f2 Helios for a very cheap price. – for more info you can read the review on Lomography magazine.

The light meter is crazy and I’m still trying to figure out the meaning of the functions V and F on the shutter release button, but here are some photos of the first roll of film. Don’t expect anything fancy, we just wanted to see if all the functions were in perfect condition so there was no point in buying an expensive pro film and the cheap no brand one from the local photography store worked just fine.

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_21

Frida on her “swimming pool”. We found this small lake in a parc near our house and Frida decided to start using it daily to combat the extreme heat

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_17

Trying out the shallow depth of field

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_9_0009

Frida being cute an slightly cross-eyed

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_22

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_

Frida seconds before kissing the lens


AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_5

Parc Sant Jordi

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_23

And Frida again… I’m sorry, but she really is my favourite model.

AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_14

I was trying to follow a How To turban tutorial I found on Pinterest to wear on a photo shoot the next day. I’m terrible with hair styles and was starting to get annoyed with my poor skills. Hence this face!


AisaAraujoPhotography_zenit 12xp the russian tank_24

Enjoying the shadow and cool breeze. Mr.Lazy is responsible for this image and I think it’s one of the few favourites I have of myself.


This is the first post of a new feature I’m starting called Analogique, where I’ll be sharing more analog photos from my other cameras as well. I’m planing to keep it as a weekly post on Tuesday nights, so I hope you enjoyed this one.

And now I ask you, where do you buy your film? Do you order it online or do you have a go to place near you? Do you have a favourite place you go to when you are looking to find a bargain analog camera? Please share your experiences and opinions in the comments bellow as I would love to know more about it.


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