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Analogique – Embracing the error

I have to be honest here, this was not, at all, what I was expecting when I went to develop this roll of film. Actually, I even cried when I saw what had happened. And what happened was this:

Remember on the last “Analogique” when I said that my dear Canon AE-1 Program was broken? Well, the camera was on the repair shop for a long time and in the meantime I kept thinking “Where is the roll of film that was on the camera? Maybe is still there.” . This roll was in reality kind of important to me on a very personal level because it contained some images of an intense event that happened in my family last year. At the time I wasn’t even sure if I should be making pictures but as more time passed, the more I wanted to see those photos.
Forward to now, I just went to pick up a roll from the Supersampler of a day spent at the beach with some friends, I was really exited to see the result because I remember that we had sooo much fun making pictures of Frida jumping into the water and us making crazy faces. And guess what… somehow, I managed to introduce the roll of film that was on the Canon AE-1 Program on the Supersampler. Can’t remember how, when, or why I did this, all I remember was introducing a NEW roll of film into the Supersampler before leaving home that day to go to the beach. This never happened to me before, I always label everything and am a bit of a control freak when it comes to photography. So how did this happened? Yes, I cried as I’ve said before. No, I wasn’t able to see the positive side of this when it happened, but now I think I can. Maybe this is a good thing because the otherwise so dramatic event now has a colourful, light and positive sense attached to it, as a reminder. I’m not sure yet and I don’t know if I will ever publish or share those emotional photos. What I do know is that I love the rest of the images. The first and most prominent exposure was in Porto in the winter and the second was in Costa Brava in the summer so you can see the cold weather, the cloudy sky, the heavy and dark clothes in contrast with the reflections of the sun in the blue water of the sea, the hints of flesh bathing in the hot sun, and Frida jumping and running around whether is winter or summer. 


Did this ever happened to you? Were the images completely ruined? Or was the result surprisingly positive? Please tell I’m not the only one with a crazy subconscious. Yes, I’ll blame it on my subconscious! ( since I can’t really blame it on my childhood, my parents or any other scapegoat… )


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