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Aisa Araújo Photography Featured Portfolio + Interview at Issue 14 Klassik Magazine

“Today I have some exciting news.

Around July, I got an email from Klassik Magazine Europe India UAE. The Editor had found my work online and was interested in featuring it along with an interview. Not only it was the first time an international magazine showed interest in interviewing me about my work, but also after surfing through the previous issues, I discovered that they only feature amazing photographers, so you can imagine how thrilled I was about it. I must confess, at first I even thought the Editor was mistaken ( yeah, silly me ). The Issue 14 came out recently so I invite you all to go check it out.

The interview is really big and you can read about lots of different subjects like how I started, inspiration, using brainstorm as a creative method, the role of digital technology, favourite images and so on.

Here’s an excerpt: 

I was also asked about the photographers I admire like Brigitte LamcombePeter Kemp or Mona Kuhn, but I also took the chance to mention Portuguese photographers and colleagues, like Andre BritoMário PrincipeEdgar Raphael and Luminous Photography. As you can see bellow, I also talk about the lovely models I’ve worked with and much, much more that you can’t see here.
The part about the next projects is really outdated since it was answered in July but, oddly, besides from “A Aposta” and “Le Voyage” ( the one I refer to as: “I’ll also work with two actors on a “short-film” presented only in photographs” ) none of the other projects I mention have been published yet.

Before I leave you guys with the invitation to go and read the entire interview and the rest of the Issue, I want to repeat what I wrote when finishing the interview: “It was a good surprise to discover a magazine like Klassik Magazine Europe India UAE, dedicated not only to Culture and Art but also with concerns for Human Rights and Environment. Thank you for the invitation, I’m really pleased to have my name associated with such a creative, multicultural, multidisciplinary and Eco-friendly publication.”


This entry was originally posted in February 2012 . It was inserted on the “From the Arquives” feature and updated on December 2013.

When I started the blog here at aisaaraujo.com I decided not to transfer any posts from the previous blog into the new, fresh, clean one. “From the Archives” is a way to remember the past by updating some of those posts and posting them here. I hope you enjoy these little trips down memory lane.


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