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A APOSTA . Movie Stills . A short fim by Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure . Director of photography – Aisa Araújo Photography



Hello creative folks,

I shared with you guys how I like to give road trips an artistic spin with photography and video on the “On Creativity. Turning a road trip into an artistic experience.” post.

While we are still on the editing process of the short-film from the road trip to Cote Basque I wanted to show you the movie stills from the one we did last year “A Aposta“.



As you can see, my dear baby Frida is doing her thing – yo know, being cute and awesome as usual ( insert a proud mama’s face here ) – and the rest of us are basically having a good time while trying to take in the breathtaking landscapes and nature beauty of Provence & Côte D’Azur.

Here is the video again in case you missed it. We had so much fun doing it, I hope you can have some laughs and enjoy it.


A APOSTA – a short fim by Mr.Lazy&Mme.Leisure | Director of photography – Aisa Araújo Photography


A bet between two childhood friends makes the theme of this short movie.

The landscape of Provence & Côte D’Azur completes the idyllic scenario of this adventure.
Who won? Tom? Huck? The dog? Or the memory of an unforgettable road trip?
“a Aposta” is the reminder that sometimes we need to make things because, it´s fun…
A APOSTA – a short fim by Mr. lazy & Mme. Leisure
Original idea by – Ricardo Sousa
with RICARDO SOUSA as ” o Tom sou eu”
and CLÁUDIO SOUSA as ” Huck vira finos”
special gest star – FRIDA das CALDAS
Director of photography – AISA ARAÚJO PHOTOGRAPHY
Sound and editing – o_iElectricista


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